Tips on Birmingham pest control

With careful planning, you don’t have to wait for pests to infest your home before you can do something about it. The following are tips in Birmingham pest control you may want to try:

Doors and windows

Pests by their nature can wiggle through the tiniest cracks and gaps. We advise that you inspect and repair any warped or broken windows or doors. If your shutters don’t fit well, fix them. You may also have to repair rips and tears in screens to keep away pesky pests.

Trash and liter

If you want to rid your home of pests, you should keep the patios, yards, garages, and decks free of weeds, litter, and stagnant water. Install tight-fitting lids on your trash cans as you keep them clean. Birmingham pest control advices you quickly clean any spills and debris so pests have nothing to feed on.


insect control Birmingham are usually attracted by lights into the house. That’s why you may have to replace standard mercury vapor lights with halogen lights. Tinted lights are less attractive to insects and will thus keep them away.

There are many other tips that we at Birmingham pest control advice that you use. Key among these is keeping your home impeccably clean.

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